Friday, 15 July 2011


So the first year of uni has officially been over for some time, but I only recently (this week) had to move out of halls for good.  :(

Thinking back this year has literally flown by! It feels like just the other day I had finished doing GCSE's never mind my first year at university!!

It has been such a good year! I've learnt so much photography wise and even if I do say so myself I do feel as though my photography has improved from what it was! I've also meet alot of cool people through my course, flatmates, christian union and generally just at halls. Hopefully the majority of us will stay in contact over the summer and through the rest of our years at uni.

I dont think Ive actually said this yet but I passed my first year, so im happy :D

Note to self for next year: Don't move all possessions from home to uni accommodation.
 (it was a nightmare to bring it all back home)


On another note this is one of my latest pieces of graphics work. Basically advertising a fundraising charity ball that is happening soon. The money raised goes towards feeding the homeless both here in England and Guyana

I have worked with New Directions to feed the homeless in London. We gather in London every 2nd Sunday of the month, and provide a full English breakfast for them. It is heartbreaking seeing some of the people and hearing some of their stories, of how they ended up on the streets, most of them had jobs etc were doctors etc but some circumstances in life forced them out of their jobs or homes. 

It really opens your eyes to how fragile life is and how having something such as a place to stay or a job shouldn't be taken for granted as it can be taken from you so quickly. Its also heart breaking to see mothers and their children or pregnant women on the street. We do all that we can to help them, and they are so thankful.

The pictures in the flyer aren't stock images but are infact taken by New Directions (I am in one of the pictures serving someone food - I was on black pudding duty :p).

So basically yeah If you can make the event please do book tickets it is for a good cause, and it really will change and help somebody's life!!

Until Next Time,


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