Sunday, 26 June 2011


I haven't baked anything in ages :/  but today that all changed :)

I ended up making some rock cakes/buns (kinda like scones but not)
The original plan was make loads and then go down to my grandparents and drop some off there.
The plan ended up make the cakes while making a big mess of the kitchen, tidy up,  try and take some "artistic" pics of the cakes, eat some and then go to my grandparents a couple of hours later.  :p

Everyone ended up having the cakes with tea but I actually hate it, so the teas only there for "photographic purposes". The pictures just kind of ended up being an unplanned thing, I saw the sunlight coming in through the window and felt inspired so to speak. :p

Even though this picture isn't actually great, I've decided I am going to try and get into food photography. Fingers crossed it will go okay. Oh yeah this is as well as trying to practice portraits and all that jazz.

I just realized that this post probably doesn't actually make any sense. But its nearly 1am and for once im actually tired.

Tea & Cake



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