Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Summer Summer Summer Timeeeeeee

OK, so I have officially/unofficially finished my first year of uni!
It went so quick! But I have learnt so much! Fingers crossed I get the grades so I can do my second year :D

For now, all that I have ahead of me is a very, very, very long summer. 
I'm trying to think of the best way to spend it.
At the moment the ideas I have are....


Basically, I just want to try and gather as much knowledge and experience about photography as I can during the summer. and Ive heard that..

P R A C T I C E 
P E R F E C T 

So, hopefully in a couple of months both my photography and graphics work will have improved. But if not, I will just keep trying. I want to try and get some work experience.

As for reading, my current book is Fashion Photography: A complete guide by Bruce Smith.

I'm finding it a good read, very informative.

Im not saying that fashion photography is going to be my niche or main point of focus, but I think that until I truly find what "genre" of photography i'm best at (if it can be condensed to one.) ill cover all my bases. :)

My song at the moment:
Rain by Noel Robinson


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