Monday, 5 September 2011

Baptism & Fundraising Ball

Since my last post I have done some more event photography... a baptism and the fundraising ball (Previous post about the ball).

The Baptism..

So I went to go and visit some family, in the west of England, and thought I would bring my camera along (yay family pictures :p).. any way turned out there was a baptism on.. so I ended up taking couple pictures.. (probably not going to post them up). It was another learning curve... (low light situation) anyway armed with my flashgun and camera I tried my best. And yeah the pictures are alright :)

The Fundraising Charity Ball

I dont know if you remember or not but I posted quite a while ago about a fundraising charity ball that was coming up and I had designed the flyer for them. Well the event happened on the 3rd of September and was a complete success. The event was great, good entertainment, music & singing, food! There as well as the initial money raised from tickets there was also a raffle and auction, items such as hair straighteners, plasma screen TV's and handbags etc were either auctioned or raffled off. (I didnt win anything lol).  

All the money raised goes towards feeding the homeless in London and Guyana :)

I brought my camera along (surprise, surprise) and snapped away, taking pictures of people, the event etc etc. I have to say so far I think the ball was one of the best event photography experiences I've ever had. I met loads of nice people and it was just a pleasure to be there. 2 days later and I'm still editing photos lol.. but will post some images up once I'm done.


P.S .. Uni starts again soon... feeling nervous!

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