Sunday, 17 June 2012

London 15.05.2012

So the other day I went on a little explore around London with my friend.
The first stop was the Natural History Museum. We had planned to go and see the 'Animals Inside Out Exhibition'.
P.S I brought my film camera with me so majority of pics are on there (I haven't developed it yet). Here's a few I took with my phone.

Anyway so outside the Natural History Museum at the moment there's this free photography exhibition called Wild Planet. It showcases images of not only animals but landscapes aswell. The photographs are HUGE which is good because it allows you to get up close and see all this amazing detail. Its not so good when you don't like spiders yet there's a huge one infront of you. Ahhhh!. But it was lovely to see all these different animals in their natural habitats and amazing landscapes. Each of the pictures were presented on a panel which had a caption which either explained what was happening or told you abit about the animal.

So after a looking at the pictures, we went to the Animals Inside Out Exhibition.... Which is actually AMAZING and I recommend it 100% (aslong as you aren't squeamish).
If you haven't heard about the exhibition its basically a selection of different animals that have been plastinated.
There were loads of different animals such as an Elephant, a giraffe and an ostrich and your more common horse and goat lol. The exhibition doesn't just focus on the outside appearance of the animals but their insides aswell. Your able to see their anatomy.... Its amazing to see how although every animal has the usual heart, brain and eyes etc they all vary so much in size. You have big animals with small organs, and all these weird and wonderful things. Go see it!! (Picture of a camel attached).

After the museum we went to Leicester square to go grab some food & then off to brick lane. After walking around for abit (I love all the graffiti) & taking more pics we found a cool cafe, where we went to go and have some tea (made with proper tea leaves). I opted for a Jasmine tea, my friend for a vanilla tea.

All in all it was a good day :)


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