Saturday, 4 June 2011

Press Photographers

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On 15th October 2010 the new Liverpool Football club owner (John Henry) was announced, the official announcement was made at the head office of Slaughter and May in Moorgate.

 Since I was in the area at the time I thought that it would be a good opportunity to try and take some pictures both with my digital camera and my film one. The pictures themselves aren't great but I enjoyed the experience and thought that I would upload them anyway since they were in my A-Z area.

 Most of my photographs focus on the photographers themselves, rather that John Henry because there was a long wait for him to come out, and also because once I gained entrance to the building I wasn’t in the best position.However I have still decided to upload a few of the images as I liked the idea of photographing the press. I tried to capture the overall mood and try and show how frantic it was trying to take pictures.






P.S I have decided that I am going to post up some of my posts from the university blog we had to keep for one of the modules.

The Brief

Basically we had to chose a page from the London A-Z and then choose to photograph something in that area whether it be architecture, environmental portraits of still life. 

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